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Yorkston/Thorne/Khan - Everything Sacred (Domino)


"It isn't easy to pigeon-hole but it could just be one of the albums of the year"

9/10 UNCUT


"Spits in the face of normal genre classifications...Enlightened and challenging, an Incredible String Band for a brave new world"

4/5 MOJO


"Bravely original Indian-folk-jazz fusion"

4/5 The Guardian 


"New Album of the Month"

5/5 Record Collector

Barbarossa Bloodlines Sleeve Jeffrey Lewis Dream Songs Sleeve Vaselines Album Sleeve The Shivers Sleeve

Barbarossa - Bloodline (Memphis Industries)


"A great example of someone following their musical instincts into new areas and finding success, Bloodlines is also a highlight of the year so far."

8/10 Drowned In Sound


"Bloodlines is a moving, grand achievement."

8/10 PopMatters


"Tender yet triumphant, Bloodlines marks Barbarossa as one of Britain's most versatile and adventurous artists."

4/5 MOJO


Title track 'Bloodline' used prominently in US TV series Ray Donovan (Showtime), Elementary (CBS) and Suits (USA Network/NBC)

Jeffrey Lewis - A Turn In The Dream Songs (Rough Trade)


"Unabashedly weird, surprising wise, A Turn In The Dream-Songs is Lewis at his most accessible and affecting."

4/5 MOJO


"Jeffrey comes out of it all reeking of genius."

9/10 DIY Magazine


"The classy acoustic band, sounding live and loose but sonically dynamite, the vintage analogue recording/mixing process combine to make A Turn In The Dream-Songs the most solid and enjoyable album of Jeffrey’s now decade-long strange career."

9/10 PopMatters

The Shivers - More (Silence Breaks)


"Zarriello is a songwriter of exceptional talent, and this album feels like his most complete work.  It’s a mainstay of my record collection."

Laura Barton, The Guardian (Read Feature)


"Keith Zarriello’s voice carries an eerie, mesmerizing eroticism."



"More is an ambitious collection of genuine love songs that manage to be smart, gritty, and bursting with heart. There’s nothing affected, cutesy clever, or self-conscious about the Shivers’ music – it manages to be both simple and undeniably vital."


The Vaselines - Sex With An X (SubPop)


"Sex With An X feels like the best kind of comeback: the organic reunion of two songwriters who've rediscovered how much they enjoy making music together - it's a good thing they've given us one more album that's sure to stand the test of time."

The Quietus


"Sex With an X exceeds all of the expectations we didn’t know we had."

Drowned In Sound


"A whopping 23 years since their last album Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee remain the Ramones of sunbeam, patty-cake pop."


Brigid Mae Power - The Two Worlds LP (Tompkins Square)


"Musically, The Two Worlds is mesmeric...all detail is couched in a languid analogue sound that oozes authenticity"

Folk Radio UK


"Power's most ambitious and her most introspective...this album shines"


Brigid Mae Power The Two Worlds

Yorkston/Thorne/Khan - Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars LP (Domino)


"In exercising more restraint and relying more on mood, groove and structure, their second album is a game-changing masterpiece"

5/5 Rolling Stone


"The sound they conjure is heavenly"

5/5 Mojo Magazine

YTK Lankum Between The Earth and Sky

Lankum - Between The Earth And Sky LP (Rough Trade)


Folk Album of the Year - Mojo Magazine


"Urgent, desperate and detonating, full of lyrics and sounds smacking together like waves shattering stones in a storm"

5/5 The Guardian


"All four members are gifted musicians, but they sacrifice virtuosity over a rough-hewn spiritedness which makes Between The Earth… a thrilling listen."

5/5 Record Collector

A superior vintage - Long Live Vinyl (February 2019)


A lovely 4-page feature on Julie McLarnon's analogue ethos and the film she is currently making with Myles O'Reilly on the Psychology of Analogue Recording



page4llv BBC-logo-for-web

Tales of the popular - BBC Radio 3 Music Matters (March 2019)



(Start : 29 minutes)


Kate Molleson explores the psychology behind recording in remote places. Julie McLarnon explains how a screenless environment combined with the quietude of Analogue Catalogue's surroundings focus the artists and engineer's minds towards the music.


Bui - Something Else to Talk About 7"


"A lo-fi indie pop gem in which the band marry slinky 1990s slacker rock thrills to Grandaddy-esque keyboards"

The Irish News (Full article here)



Nominated for the NI Music Prize 'Single of the Year'



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