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Bechstein Grand Piano

Farfisa Transicord Deluxe Accordion

Fender Rhodes 73 Mark I Stage Piano

Hammond L-100 Tonewheel Organ

Selmer Harmophone Electric Reed Organ

Story & Clark Harmonium/Pump Organ

Elgam Talisman Combo Organ

Technics U60 Electric Organ

Camillo Jr 12 Bass Accordion

Weltmeister 'Stella' 120 Bass Accordion



Gibson SG Standard (1970)

Rickenbacker 360 (1985)

Yamaha SG100

Wal Electric Pro Bass (1978)

Epiphone Chet Atkins Nylon Electric

Simon & Patrick SP6 CW Cedar Acoustic

Fender Strat

Takamine G Series Dreadnought

Yamaha G-231 II Acoustic

Hohner LW 1200N 12 String Acoustic



HH IC 100-S Amp Head

Laney DP150 Bass Head

Marshall 1965B 4x10 Cab

Marshall JCM-800 100w Head

Marshall Valvestate 8040

Peterson Guitar Special P100G

Roland Bolt 60 Tube Amp

Roland DAC-80D Guitar Amp

Yamaha G100-210



Octave Cat SRM

Korg Polysix

Jen SM2007 String Machine

Roland JX-3P & PG200

Korg MS-10

Korg M500SP MicroPreset

Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings

Moog MF-102 Ring Modulator

Roland SH-2000

Yamaha CS-01

Crumar Trilogy



Yamaha Gigmaker Kit

Roland Rhythm 77 TR-77

Roland Rhythm TR-330

Boss DR-55 Dr Rhythm

Boss DR-110 Dr Rhythm Graphic

Korg Rhythm 55 KR-55B

Alesis SR-16



Boss HC-2 Hand Clapper

Boss PC-2 Percussion Synthesizer

Chimera BC8, BC9 & BC16 Mini Synths

Dubreq Stylophone

EHX Holier Grail Reverb

Gakken SX-150 Analogue Synth

LA Audio MD8 Multiple DI Box

Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler

Moog Etherwave Theremin

PJ Premier Congas

Roland Octapad

Roland SP-808 Groove Sampler

ThorpyFX Fallout Cloud, Acid Fuzz Repeater

Various Guitar Pedals (Boss, Fuzzface, Rat...)

Various Percussion, Toys and Noisemakers

Analogue Catalogue Overdub Room



- The main live room is over 600 sq. ft., gives an amazing meaty drum sound and captures beautifully the energy of live performances


- The multi acoustic room has a dead corner, a warm woody corner, a slappy tiled corner, a small room corner, facilitating fast & creative overdubs


- 3 other spaces are tie- lined and ready for recording

Analogue Catalogue View Live Room

Analogue Catalogue Recording Studios

+44 (0)28 4063 1025

48 Drumdreenagh Road


Newry BT34 5NG


Copyright © 2019 Analogue Catalogue



ADK A-51

ADK Hamburg Edition

ADK Odin

AKG C-28 (2)*

AKG C-314


AKG C-460b (2)**

AKG C-1000 S

AKG C-2000 B

AKG Solid Tube (2)

AKG D-112

AKG D-202 ES

AKG D-330

Neumann KM-84 (matched pair)*

Oktava MK-219

Oktava MK-319

Rode NT-1

Rode NT-1000

sE Electronic sE2200a**

sE Electronic Z5600A**

Sennheiser E-604 (2)

Shure Beta 58 (2)

Shure SM57 (2)

Shure SM58 (2)

Shure SM7**

Shure SM81 (2)

Telephone Mics & PZMs



*JM's mics

**Elise's mics

Analogue Catalogue Overdub Room Air Organ Kitchen