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Recent clients of Analogue Catalogue include - Lankum (Rough Trade), Yorkston/Thorne/Khan (Domino), King Creosote (Domino), Brigid Mae Power (Tompkins Square), Alasdair Roberts (Drag City), Jeffrey Lewis (Rough Trade), The Vaselines (Sub Pop), Barbarossa (Memphis Industries), The Music Tapes (Merge), Joshua Burnside (Quiet Arch) James Yorkston (Domino), Ulaid & Duke Special, The Shivers (Fence) and more...

Control Room 2 - Racks etc

Analogue Catalogue is a residential analogue recording studio in the north of Ireland.  Recording to 24 track 2” Tape through a vintage Trident Series 80B desk. Located in a 3 storey stone mill overlooking the Mourne Mountains in County Down, the much loved control room connects to over 1000 sq ft of live areas - a large 600 sq ft apexed ceiling live room and a 'Westlake-style' 2nd live room with further tie lines and mic inputs throughout the building.   The lovingly crafted accomodation is also part of the mill and many recordings have been captured in that bathroom or at the harmonium in front of the log burning stove.

Recording to tape is an exhilarating experience.  Our main live room is spacious but treated in such a way that the refection is controlled and meaty. Great drum sounds, full warm string sounds and a beautiful piano sound from our Bechstein Grand are just some of what this wonderful room has to offer.  The room itself was designed so that musicians can see one another yet there is great separation on the mics.  It can be recorded and mixed to sound incredibly intimate despite being a 600 sqft space.  Musicians can all record together capturing the magic and energy of live performance, but the separation allows for repairs/drop ins to fix any not quite magical notes.

Analogue Catalogue Live Room Analogue Catalogue Live Room 2

The smaller overdub room has 4 different reflections - a dead corner, a warm woody corner, a slappy tiled corner and a small room corner.  Producer/Engineer/Mixer Julie McLarnon works all the spaces and mics to achieve the ‘right sound at source’ - this leaves nothing to fix in the mix. Getting sounds right at source remains the true art of recording and Julie manages to make this look and feel effortless, allowing artists to focus on their music.

Nothing captures bass and drums like tape and nothing captures the energy of a performance like tape.  Julie remains a dedicated analogue engineer, but we also provide the ability to track directly to 2" tape and then transfer to digital for additional recording or mixing elsewhere.   The 24 tracks of 2" can be converted through high quality SADiE/JoeCo converters to individual WAV files at 24bit and 44.1/ 96kHz.

ACAT Outside 1 ACAT Outside 2 ACAT Outside 3 ACAT live room Ali2

Analogue Catalogue 2018

Julie McLarnon at Desk Tape Machine Otari MTR90 Hammond etc